Publications in indexed periodicals referring to THESES and DISSERTATIONS of PPG-AQUI students


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Eike Nascimento de OliveiraUse of common salt affects aggressiveness in matrinxã larvae (Brycon amazonicus)Aquaculture Research Click here
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Judá Izel SilvaAeration strategy in the intensive culture of tambaqui, Colossoma macropomum, in the tropicsAquaculture Click here


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Flávio Augusto Leão da FonsecaOstracoda impairs growth and survival of Arapaima gigas larvaeAquaculture Click here
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Jôsie Schwartz Caldas Sperm characterization of the endangered Amazonian fish Hypancistrus zebra: Basic knowledge for reproduction and conservation strategiesAnimal Reproduction Science Click here
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Yugo Moraes PastranaA fructose-based extender protects Colossoma macropomum spermatozoa against chilling injuriesAquaculture Research Click here


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Sanny Maria de Andrade PortoAntiparasitic efficacy and blood effects of formalin on Arapaima gigasAquaculture Click here


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